aluminum foil strip

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Bare copper round rectangular flat magnet wire strip
1. Usage: This product is suitable for all kinds of motors, electrical appliances, electrical products, and the conductor of electromagnetic wire.

2. Main technical property: This product have very good electrical conductivity and mechanical strength.

3. Product range:   thickness a: 1.00--5.60mm
                 Width b: 5.00--16.00mm

4. Standard: GB/T5584.2-1985

5. Product name: 

Type Name
SIGNI-TBR Soft copper bare wire
SIGNI-TBY1 Hard copper wire type HI
SIGNI-TBY2 Hard copper wire type H2

Packing Process : 

Step 1 :  Plastic film and kraft paper packaging, ensure neat and clean, dry ;  

2. Wooden box packaging, the outside fixed with packing belt, safe and reliable ;