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Fibreglass Round Aluminum Wire

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Fibreglass Polyester Film Insulated Covered Round & Flat Aluminum Strip Wire  
1. Production introduction: 
Signi fibreglass PEI PET film insulated covered round & flat aluminum strip wire, it is wrapped by PET film or PEI film, after that wrapped by single or double fibre, with the required temperature resistance index of insulating varnish for dipping, baking processing, so that the glass fiber, glass fiber and film, conductor, form a whole body. Signi fibreglass PEI PET film insulated covered round & flat aluminum strip wire product has a high resistance to high voltage breakdown value, 130, 155, 180, four 200 grades, widely used in reactors, transformers, motors, or other similar electrical appliance products.

2. Product specs:
Signi fibreglass PEI PET film insulated covered flat aluminum strip wire
Thickness: 0.8mm--7mm
Width: 2.0mm--16.0mm
Temp Class : 155, 180
Standard : IEC,NEMA,GB,JIS
Signi fibre PEI PET film insulated round aluminum strip wire
Diameter: 1.7mm--6mm
Resistivity : copper 20℃<=0.017241Ω(mm)^2/m , Aluminum 20℃<=0.028000Ω(mm)^2/m
Package : PT-25, PT-30,30kg/50kg/150kg wooden Spool according to customers requirements
Special spec can be made as well if request.

3.Signi fibreglass PEI PET film insulated covered round & flat aluminum strip wire follow the standard of GB5584.3-2009, electrical resistivity at 20℃ is above 0.028 Ω-mm²/m. 

4. Insulation thickness and voltage breakdown value shall follow the below standard.

Feature :
Wrapped  smoothly and tightly, without missing layers, bright and clean
Material :
Drawing or extruding bare wire confirm to National Standard. smooth surface, no defects

Product Insulation thickness/mm Tolerance% Minimum breakdown 
voltage value/V
Fibreglass PEI PET Film Insulated Covered
 Round & Flat Aluminum Strip Wire 
0.20 ±15% 2500
0.30 -15%
0.50 5000
0.70 6000

Applicaton of Fiber Glass Covered Wire:
The product is widely used in transformers, electromagnets, welders or other similar products, medium and large electrical appliances winding.

Production Process :


Packing Process : 

Step 1 :  Plastic film and kraft paper packaging, ensure neat and clean, dry ;  

2. Wooden box packaging, the outside fixed with packing belt, safe and reliable ;