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Application of aluminum semi-finished products in electrical

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In recent years, most of the products sold by the electrical industry are in the range of transformers, generators, high-voltage power distribution devices, etc. With the development of research work and applied technology, a theoretical foundation has been laid for high-tech fields.
For conductive materials it is obvious to convert from copper to aluminum. Overhead stranded wires and conductive busbars on high-voltage equipment and high-power equipment have been implemented with aluminum instead of copper a few years ago. Aluminum is also used instead of copper for tubular busbars used in outdoor power distribution devices. Aluminum castings and forgings also have a place in high-voltage technology, and are also used as tubular current terminals and electrical conducting structures for high-voltage switches and high-voltage equipment. The busbar made of aluminum continuous casting can be used as a high-current conductor in electrolysis equipment and smelting equipment. Copper busbars are currently used in low-voltage switchgear and wire distribution panels. Parts of polished and tinned aluminum busbars have been used, and their use is steadily increasing. In recent years, high-power motor housings and coolers have been made of extruded aluminum profiles. A new field of application is the manufacture of U-busbars and telephone booths in contact with high-quality steel or copper, as well as lifting devices.

Aluminum tape has been used on coaxial cables, coils, and stretch connectors for dry rectifiers, counters, and busbars.